About Vishnupriya Groups

Quality in construction is not guaranteed by just filling the checklists after checklists of various stages in construction. It is merely the discipline you follow in doing the works and planning better. Of course, checklists will keep the process and flow going and data filing.

We at Vishnu Priya have mastered the quality to the highest level in construction over the years of experience in civil-works' operations and finance management.

We believe in the following
  • Adopting the culture of paying vendors on time
  • Maintaining the cleanliness in the construction site
  • Educating the site engineers with overall progress of the project and immediate and long-term goals of completion of project of works undertaken by engineers
  • Entrusting the right job to right person with required skill sets
  • Letting everyone in the site aware of the importance of quality and cost it takes to maintain the level of quality
  • Maintaining coordinatization between all the teams and members from house-keeping to contractors to engineers to management
  • Everyone in the site is made responsible for quality. Its not just 1 person or 1 team
  • Constant interaction between various teams and follow-ups by the management team
  • The experienced engineers or leads should adopt culture to teach or train the other junior engineers or those supervisors willing to learn
Our vast experience spreading over 35 years has made us a team of highly experienced construction experts.

Keeping up with the latest technology and implementation of world-class techniques are the reasons why our structures are not just luxurious design marvels, but also a perfect specimen of 'beauty with quality'.

Our focus has always been provide comfortable living to our customers by meticulous choosing the properties and planning number of amenities around the project.

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General Manager

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Accounts Manager

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Admin Manager

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